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Visiting different places is exciting! Every time when we travel, we get to experience new culture, meet new people and get surrounded by beautiful scenery region by region. In this process, we cannot only make friends with people from the world, but also learn about the customs and living habits of local people. When you are in China, there will be loads of chances for you to look around in the country.

Let’s dig more on the situations you’ll come across when traveling in China and talk about reflective solutions you’ll need when confronting these situations! Can’t wait to see you in this speaking session!





1. 如果你可以去世界任何地方度假,你会去哪里? 为什么? 你会在那里做什么?

2. 如果你可以和一位名人(在世或已故)一起去度假,你会和谁一起去? 为什么? 你会谈什么?

3. 你去过野生动物园吗?你想继续吗?为什么?野生动物园假期的优点和缺点是什么?

4. 假期你更喜欢四处游历、住在不同的地方,还是喜欢呆在一个地方? 向你的伴侣解释你的理由。

5. 年轻人出国旅游有多重要?

6. 了解你要去度假的国家的文化和习俗有多重要?

7. 你认为旅游业在哪些方面会对当地景观和环境造成危害? 在您看来,可以做些什么来减少旅游业造成的损害?

8. 旅游能给一个城市/国家带来什么好处?

9. 你认为出国旅行在多大程度上可以强化人们对民族刻板印象的认知?

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