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The tropical rainforest is a forest ecosystem, located in the tropics near the equator. It is the ecosystem with the highest resistance and stability on earth.

The climate is hot all year round, with abundant rainfall, which helps fast reproduction and replacement of biological communities.

The tropical rainforest is the home of half of the world's plant and animal species.

However, the area of the Amazon rainforest is declining sharply due to people's abuse. Specifically, it is now decreasing to about 1.2 million mu per day. Various data show that if we no longer pay attention to protecting tropical rainforests, a series of consequences caused by the reduction of tropical rainforests would appear.

There is so much mysterious information about the tropical rainforest, but how do we talk about it in Chinese? Select this topic and come to the speaking session to find out!





1. 热带雨林主要分布在哪些地区?

2. 世界上最大的热带雨林是什么?有什么称号?在哪里?

3. 热带雨林的作用有哪些?

4. 热带雨林被破坏的原因及会产生的后果是什么?




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