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The further development of the global economy has brought more entertainment and leisure to people's lives. An example is long holidays, such as the National holiday, when people can actually have week to enjoy life in China. This is a very good chance for people to go shopping and travel.

However, if you are in China in near future, the long holiday might brings many expected problems on road. First of all, there are many tourists during the long holidays, this causes traffic congestion. Second, tourists like to go to well-known places, which causes serious damage to nature and landscapes.

Although it might have some downwards over holidays, people need long vacations. It’s the regulation needs to be improved and guide people on how to enjoy holidays when the well-known places are busy. It's wise for local people to avoid shopping or traveling inside of their city during peak periods. Nevertheless, a long vacation is a great idea to satisfy both people and businesses.




将第 1 栏中的笑话与第 2 栏中的妙语相匹配。你明白这些笑话了吗? 你觉得他们好笑吗? 与您的合作伙伴讨论为什么/不。

1. 去年我去度假忘记了一切: a) 七日两夜!

2. 去年我得到了一个讨价还价的假期交易: b) 有一天潮水退去,再也没有回来!

3. 去年我去拉普兰旅行: c ) 孩子们的沙滩,妻子的阳光和公婆的鲨鱼!

4. 去年我去了一个海边度假胜地 那里很无聊 b) 当我打开手提箱时,我意识到我有!

5. 去年我去了澳大利亚。 e)五夜五夜!

那很棒 它拥有我想要的一切



1. 你觉得你每年的假期够多吗? 你有多少周的假期? 理想的数量是多少?

2. 放假有带工作/学习吗? 为什么/不?

3. 假期你是早睡多休息还是熬夜散漫? 你的假期有多安静?

4. 假期太贵了吗? 你觉得旺季涨价对吗? 你在度假时会尽量避免旅游陷阱吗?

5. 什么会毁了假期? 假期在哪些方面会让人感到压力?

6. 你认为我们真的需要假期吗? 为什么/不? 为什么我们不在家里度过假期,放松一下?

7. 当你在度假时,你会感到无聊吗? 为什么?


与您的搭档讨论以下笑话。 你认为它有多真实?


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