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Calligraphy is a form of artistic expression with profound influence on traditional Chinese culture. It has a long history from ancient times to today. It is an artistic display of the content and pattern lines of Chinese characters.

Calligraphy refers to writing with writing tools "pen, ink, paper, and ink stone". The characteristics and meanings of characters as well as the structure and rules of the brushwork have made it a work of art and aesthetic.

Calligraphy can be written by both hard pens and soft pens. Calligraphy written by hard pens are often from pencils or fountain pens, which forms a special structure of text. Compared with soft pens that need ink to write, hard pens can be more commonly utilized in daily life. It would be easy for you to meet a random person who grasp the skills of writing in calligraphy of Chinese characters if you are here in China sometime in life. Hope you’ve enjoyed knowing this about the Chinese calligraphy art after this brief introduction! See you later in speaking sessons on C-Talk!





1. 书法需要用到的物品有多少?都叫什么名字?

2. 这些物品有一个总称,是什么?

3. 书法字体一般最常见的分为几种?都是什么字体?

4. 中国书法历史悠久,你知道几个著名的书法家?都叫什么名字?


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