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Adventure refers to exciting and unusual experiences. There might be high-risk events with unpredictable results in adventures. The unpredictable results might cause physically harm or even death. To avoid these activities in your future experience in China, you’ll need to know what the name of the activities, such as skydiving, mountain climbing, rafting, etc.

However, if you’d like to take some risks and do the adventures with your friends, you’ll need to know various precautions to prevent yourself from being hurt or in danger. No matter what, without making rash decisions.

Taking risks helps generate insight about life. It allows people to have different experiences and have a greater understanding of the world. During this process, it also gives people confidence when dealing with any kind of dilemmas.








1. 你能想到几个著名的冒险家或探险家? 他们以什么出名?

2. 你小时候最喜欢文学作品中的男主人公或女主人公是谁?

3. 你小时候最喜欢的电影男女主角是谁?

4. 你小时候崇拜你家的的英雄是谁?

5. 你认为超级英雄(如超人、蜘蛛侠等)为什么如此受欢迎?

6. 为什么你认为孩子拥有冒险英雄很重要?

7. 在哪些方面冒险是有趣的?

8. 当我们在生活中冒险时,我们可以从中学到什么?

9. 如果没有人冒险,我们的生活会有什么不同?

10. 你采取了哪些措施来尽量减少家中的危险?

11. 你的雇主采取了哪些措施来尽量减少你工作场所的危险?

12. 他们说“好奇害死猫”。 你认为这句话是什么意思,你同意吗?

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