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Try New Dishes This Thanksgiving!

Food is a primary factor for people keeping fit and or kids who need balanced nutrition.

But it's hard to find new food choices to keep our minds fresh or change to a different flavour when we are on a diet or kids who may be late for school with no time to prepare lunch.

To resolve this problem, ChicU has designed a new cuisine choice for people who are on a diet and keeping fit and for kids who need to bring lunch to school! We've made it contain balanced nutrition and low calories to achieve this goal. And it can be self-heated! We aim to enrich kids' lunchboxes and we've finally made it!

  • Multiple choices of food choices and flavours

  • Easy-operated Self-heating when it's time to eat

  • Low calories

  • Balanced nutrition

  • Portable and easy to carry in a bag

This cuisine includes various types of meat, vegetables, rice and noodles, you can choose different flavours for each day of school or work. There are multiple choices, from spicy ones to regular ones. Interested in trying? Subscribe for FREE to let us know you want the new product!

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