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Trade Candies & Protect The Environment!

Halloween is Here!

Each Halloween, kids are collecting all kinds of candies back home, which is not always good for them to eat all.

Why not spend the candies wisely and give them a chance to earn things environmentally friendly for themselves or for even the family?

ChicU provided a mechanism for kids to enjoy the achievement on Halloween night in a meaningful way!

For Kids’ Favourite Candies: one candy for 1%OFF at discount

For Kids’ Regular Candies: one candy for 0.5%OFF at discount

Taking Participate:

Simply reply to the email with the picture of the candies your kids are willing to trade!

Your whole family will enjoy the discount your kids earned for you!

Check the products your kids can get for discounts!

Or, get themselves or their beloved mom Jewelry!

But do remember, the limitation for the largest discount is 15%.

Enjoy this wonderful season of the year!

Very Best Wishes to everyone who is viewing this email!

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