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The most purist soul in the world

One day, when a blind man was crossing the street with his guide dog, a large truck lost control and rushed straight over, killing the blind man on the spot. His guide dog also died tragically under the wheel to guard its owner.

The owner and the dog came to the gate of heaven together, an angel stopped them and said awkwardly: "I'm sorry, there is only one place left in heaven, and one of you must go to hell."

Upon hearing this, the owner quickly asked, "My dog doesn't know what heaven is and what hell is. Can I decide who goes to heaven?" The angel looked at the master with contempt and frowned. She thought for a while and said, "I'm sorry, sir. Every soul is equal. You have to decide who will go to heaven through a competition." The host asked disappointedly: "Oh, what kind of game is that?" The angel said: "This game is straightforward, it is a race.

From here to the gate of heaven, whoever reaches the destination first can go to heaven. But don't worry, because you are dead, so you are no longer blind, and the speed of the soul has nothing to do with the body, the purer and kinder the person, the faster." The master thought for a while and agreed.

The angel got the master and the dog ready and announced the start of the race. She fully thought that the master would run as hard as he could to get to heaven. Who knows that the master is not busy at all, and walks forward slowly? What surprised the angel, even more, was that the guide dog didn't run either. It followed the owner's pace slowly and refused to leave the owner even a step. The angel suddenly realized: it turned out that this guide dog has developed a habit over the years, of always following the owner and guarding him in front of the owner. The hateful master took advantage of this to be confident and sure of winning the game. As long as he called his dog to stop at the gate of heaven, he could easily win the game. The angel looked at the loyal dog and felt very sad. She said loudly to the dog: "You have given your life for the master. Now, your master is no longer blind, and you don't have to lead him to walk. Run to heaven!" However, neither the owner nor his dog seemed to have heard the angel's words and they still walked slowly, as if they were walking on the street.

Sure enough, when there were still a few steps away from the finish line, the owner issued a command, the dog sat down obediently, and the angel looked at the owner with contemptuous eyes. At this time, the owner smiled, and he turned his head and said to the angel: "I have finally sent my dog to heaven. What I am most worried about is that he doesn't want to go to heaven at all. He just wants to be with me. That's why I want to help him." Decided, please take care of it." The angel was stunned. The owner looked at his dog with nostalgia and said: "It's great to be able to decide in a competition. As long as I let it take a few steps forward, it can go to heaven. But it has been with me for so many years. This is the first time I can see it with my own eyes, so I can't help but want to walk slowly and watch it for a while. If I can, I really want to watch it go forever. But heaven is here, That's where it should go, please take care of it."

After saying these words, the masters issued an order to the dog to move forward, and the moment the dog reached the end, the master fell like a feather in the direction of hell. Seeing his dog, he turned his head hastily and ran after his master. The remorseful angel spread his wings and chased after him, trying to catch the guide dog, but it was the purest and kindest soul in the world, and his speed was far faster than all the angels in heaven.

So the guide dog is with its owner again. Even in hell, the guide dog will always guard its owner. The angel stood there for a long time, murmuring: "I was wrong at the beginning, these two souls are one, they cannot be separated..."

Hope you enjoyed the story! We update new stories every other Sunday!

Stay Tuned!

Team ChicU

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