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How to say Black Friday in Chinese?

Black Friday is here! Have you already got your wish list for shopping?

This time is very much like the "Double Eleven" in China, which date is on the 11th. of Nov.. Big discounts are everywhere for people to make purchases. No matter if it's a brand you've really liked to try or if you just need to hoard groceries like toilet paper, the "Double Eleven" is always a nice day for you to have it a go! So how to say Black Friday in Chinese? We can say "Hei Wu". The pronunciation is very much like "Hey Ooh". So now when you describe a day with big discounts with Chinese friends, you can say you've got loads of goodies with very nice prices on "Hei Wu" ("Hey" Ooh") now~!

Bonus: the "Double Eleven" Day is from the shape of 11, which is very much like single individuals. To compensate single people on this day, shopping malls and brands started this discount day, to let people think less about the fact that they are single and sad. Interested in having more Chinese real-life stories? Subscribe for FREE to learn more about REAL Chinese Daily Life!

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