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3-Tip to Save Energy in Bedrooms

1. Unplug

Most people unplug their devices but leave the charger plugged into the socket. Few people know that the plugged-in charger still consumes energy.

  • Unplug your charger after charging your device.

Devices on standby mode use more energy than when they’re turned off. Seems logic, doesn’t it? Still, most devices are on standby.

  • Turn your devices off, the standby mode uses power.

2. Lamps and lights

LED and energy-efficient lights are very common nowadays and that’s great because they require less power than incandescent light bulbs.

  • Buy LED and energy-efficient lights.

  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

  • Use daylight instead of lamps.

  • When you’re working at your desk, use your desk lamp. The room lamp needs more energy. In general, it’s better to use smaller lamps than one big one.

3. Heating and cooling

It gets colder in autumn and winter and we turn up the heat (too much). On hot summer days, we switch on the AC. Both consume a lot of power, but you can easily minimise your power consumption:

  • Whether you have an electric or gas heating system: Put on some thick socks and a sweater before turning up the temperature in autumn and winter. A cute winter outfit, so that you don’t have to heat as much.

  • Apart from that, use the electric heating blanket to get you into an immediate warm bed after taking all your clothes off in the cold!

Energy-savers like you can collect the coupon! Chat with ChicU to Grab it before purchasing.

  • Instead of turning on the AC, open your windows during summer nights, put down the blinds throughout the day and wear shorts and tops at home.

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