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Desert animals live in dry weather, so they've nurtured the ability to retain water and resist high temperatures in their regular surroundings. And also, their tolerance to hunger is much greater than that of related species.

Although deserts offer harsh living conditions to animals, a series of harmful consequences, such as the imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide, can occur if all deserts are greened. So we need to keep the balance and help the creatures adapt to the new environment, as these species are part of the balance. If they go extinct, the desert could face more severe crises

Although there is very rare desert in China, it's a global problem and the Chinese have made various efforts on saving desert living creatures, such as planting more greens. What do you think we should do to protect the desert and protect desert animals? Let's talk about more of these methods in Chinese speaking sessions on C-Talk!





1. 你知道沙漠有哪些动物吗?

2. 世界上最大的沙漠是什么沙漠?有多大呢?

3. 为什么在沙漠中死去的骆驼不能碰?

4. 沙漠动物具有什么样的习性?为什么会有这样的习性呢?

5. 沙漠有什么样的气候特点?



1. 你觉得采取什么措施可以更好的保护沙漠野生动物

2. 如果沙漠治理成功,沙漠消失,变成绿洲,会对生活于沙漠之中的动物有影响吗?

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