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With the development of electronic technology and the Internet, information technology has been introduced into business activities as a tool, resulting in e-commerce.

Platforms such as Amason and Ebay that we usually meet are also a type of e-commerce and belong to e-commerce platforms. What else do you know about e-commerce?

In China, you'll encounter Tianmao, Taobao and various fast-delivery platforms if you visit here in future. These platforms are what make living in China super convenient. You'll get your delivery the next day after purchasing or 20 minutes after you purchase a meal online.

Let's dig more about what helps Chinese living this convenience in the speaking sessions on C-Talk!





1. 你知道电商分为几大类吗?都是哪几类呢?

2. 这几类都分别代表什么?

3. 你知道的网上零售平台都有哪些?平台店铺都分为哪些类型?

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