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Reach more than

1 billion active users

★ Reach Younger Audience
★ Reach more than 1 billion active users
★ In-feed videos, sponsored hashtags, and 

    branded lenses
★ Create highly engaging and interactive ads
★ An  effective and indispensable tool for Your


   Set Up for FREE!
   Investing in Promoting Products / Services ($3000)
   Advertising Strategy Execution($650)

Marketing Program

  • Fundraising Services For Innovatives

    Cada 3 meses
    Help Innovative High-Tech Products raise fund and build solid reputation!
    • Set up products/services on Fundraising Platform of Modern2U
    • Generate and Execute Marketing Strategies in Fundraising
    • Generate videos and pictures to the taste of Fundraising Aud
    • Generate Voiceover Designed for Funding(Unlimited Wordcount)
    • Setup and Execute Social Media Marketing Strategy of Funding
    • Jointly Promote Product with 3 selected KOLs of the Industry
  • Commercialization for Content Creators

    Commercialization for Content Creators
    • Content Attraction-enhancing Plan
    • Webpage Design Combining Videos&Products
    • Personalized Plan for Commercialization
    • Business Model set based on current contents
    • Professional Expression of Embedding Ads
    • Selection of Representive Branded Products
    • Professhional Guide of Live Streaming Selling
  • Advertising Package

    Set Up for FREE! Specialized for promoting Contents/Courses/Products/Apps
    • Investing in Promoting Products/Services($3000)
    • Advertising Strategy Execution($650)
    • TikTok Paid Promotion
    • Snapchat Paid Promotion
    • Facebook Paid Promotion
    • Instagram Paid Promotion
    • Twitter Paid Promotion
    • Baidu Paid Promotion(For Promoting in Mainland China)
    • Setup & Execute Advertising Strategy for 3 Selected Channels

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Partnership Program

Modern2U provides individuals who want to explore business and make profits in their spare time with a source of affordable products.

Relying on China's firm and widespread supply chain, we can offer our partners the price for producing products.

From our experience, the popular products selling on Modern2U change with the flow of seasons.

Outdoor facilities and accessories are our popular products in summer, while homeware and pet clothes(regularly for dogs and cats) become trendy on in winter

Although we prefer products depending on the change of seasons, we can reach and contact nearly all kinds of products you want to supply to your customers. Feel free to fill out the form below, if you didn’t find the products you’d like to sell on the website.

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours!


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