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Discover new impact ventures,
source deals, and find the right
impact investors.

What We Do


Discover new business and source deals

 Modern2U gives you access to a curated selection of businesses that are verified and meet your selection criteria. Our filters and suggestions narrow your search and save you time and money.


Find the right investors

Modern2U puts you in front of investors looking to invest in companies like yours. We provide reliable data about the investment community.


All businesses on our platform are reviewed against the standards of investors on the platform to ensure they are investment-worthy. Investors are automatically matched with businesses that meet their investment criteria. Business information that does not meet investor standards will be retained. When these businesses meet the criteria, they are matched with new or existing investors.

Demand for investor-worthy business

The demand for investment in influential and prepared enterprises is constantly increasing.


By providing a platform focused on transaction search, we bridge the gap between investors and influential companies. This saves time, and money, and contributes to the development of the ecosystem.

The Gap

Impact-driven businesses that are investor-ready are not easy to find, and capital is hard to find for these businesses.

Growing the Ecosystem

The Ghana Impact Investing and Impact Investor Foundation developed this comprehensive program to connect impact funds with corporates and limited partners. Most African businesses find it difficult to raise capital for their ventures, and impact funds face challenges in connecting with good investment-ready businesses. The main goal is to build an ecosystem where trading sources and funding can be found with just a click.


As an entrepreneur seeking to make a sustainable impact, Impact Investing Ghana connected us with the right investors. They have a highly professional team ready to assist entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses to make a Bigger impact.

@Richart Hall


"The deal room organized by Impact Investing Ghana was worth the time and effort. We identified and closed a deal. I believe Modern2U is a great platform for impact funds to source deals."

@Tessa Alex



The Modern2U team is available and will reach out to you as part of the onboarding process on the platform.
Contact us for more details. Our team is available to answer any questions you have!

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