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There are many flying machines in the air, such as airplanes you choose when traveling, hot air balloons for sightseeing, etc. Upon from that, there are always many safety rules we need to know.

Each of us will travel and choose to fly many times, but how much do you know about the safety knowledge of flying?

Safety is the most important thing when flying. When we are on a flight, we can’t bring dangerous goods on board, and we can’t bring flammable materials or pets. We need to understand all the safety rules before flying. Let’s talk more about what’s happening in the sky and how we keep safe when we need to take flights when being in China with Chinese being the primary standard language.




与您的伙伴一起集思广益,尽可能多地考虑不同的飞行方式。 例如:乘飞机,悬挂式滑翔机等。请在下方写下您的想法


阅读以下人们在乘飞机旅行时可能经历的行为和事件列表并将它们按正确的顺序排列。 第一个已经为您完成。

A. 将您的手提行李放入头顶储物柜    I. 办理登机手续并领取登机牌

B. 前往候机室                       J. 坐下并系好安全带

C. 滑行到跑道                      K. 在登机口排队

D. 在值机柜台排队(1)            L. 通过护照检查

E. 起飞                             M. 登机

F. 通过安全检查                     N. 遇到湍流/撞到气穴

G. 开始下降                         O. 颠簸/平稳着陆

H. 被搜身/搜查你的包            P. 延迟

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