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Chinese Interpersonal Skills Focused

Teachers from C-Talk

Chinese-speaking teachers at C-Talk are all native Chinese speakers who are perfectly fluent in Mandarin. They are good at in-depth communication around topics chosen by students. The teachers at C-Talk are entertaining. They help students to explore real-life communication contexts of the topics students choose during their communication sessions with students. Modern Chinese popular internet expressions can be applied in communications when applicable. 

Jianbin Chen

- I was a consultant in BCG, China, willing to help on any topic relating to finding jobs and settling down in China

- Specialized for senior level of Chinese Speaking Learners
- 2 years of experience teaching Chinese speaking classes


Yiting Liu

- Bilingual  (Chinese&English)
- 5 years of experience teaching Chinese speaking classes

- Specialized for beginners&intermediate  level of Chinese Speaking Learners
- Can't wait to have you on my class!


Shuhan Duan

- Love travelling! I have been to nearly everywhere of China
- 5 years of experience teaching Chinese speaking classes

- Specialized for beginners of Chinese Speaking Learners

Sining Zhang

- I have 2 restaurants and 1 coffee shop in China. If you have any question on doing start-up business in China, I have loads of recommendations!
- 8 years of experience teaching Chinese speaking classes

- Specialized for senior level of Chinese Speaking Learners

Teachers from C-Talk


"What I love the most about this place is their staff. I always feel I’m in good hands not just because everyone’s a professional but because they really go out of their way to make it personal. Every speaking session simply makes my day."

@Ben Devenish

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    • Setup and Execute Social Media Marketing Strategy of Funding
    • Jointly Promote Product with 3 selected KOLs of the Industry
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about us



Home-based Online Chinese Speaking Platform, C-Talk, combines information on fitness, music, dogs, cats, festivals, life and modern Chinese-speaking materials, providing individuals with opportunities to practice Chinese speaking skills surrounded by the topics selected through one-on-one online speaking sessions with native Chinese speakers. You will get to know the most recent well-rounded Chinese information from an inner China angle.


C-Talk is well known for its proven rich curriculum, immersive learning experience and inspiring content. C-Talk Members enjoy entertaining videos of modern Chinese phrases and package prices on one-on-one Chinese speaking sessions. A happiness-guaranteed Chinese-speaking practice cycle has been designed by our experienced teaching research team.


A group of Chinese UCL graduates founded C-Talk in 2016. Based on the belief that minor changes accumulated can make big differences in the future, we established C-Talk and want to spread the word to everyone who'd like to make minor changes and form a habit of speaking Chinese for 25 minutes every day, talking about music, fitness and everything in life. We have been focused on "bringing the future" of practising Chinese speaking skills to everyone's daily life since 2016.


Welcome to join C-Talk Community!

Our #1 priority here at C-Talk is your happiness. Which means we stand by our classes 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we will solve it and refund it. Just reach out to our Customer Service Team. We're here for you. Guaranteed.

Although life can suck, we can choose positivity, always!


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Address: 500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158

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